WARGASM - Why Play Around?

WARGASM - Why Play Around?





This album blew my mind when I first heard it, and it's blown my mind every time since then. Never before have I heard a band so tight, so precise, with such agressive, yet also catchy, songwriting abilities. This was one of those albums that I simply had to listen to again right afterwards, and because of this, "Why Play Around?" has become one of my most treasured thrash gems.The CRYPT is honored and privileged to announce our cooperation with underrated, new England thrash legends WARGASM! One of the most underrated bands from the late 80's, Wargasm had a unique sound unlike any of their peers. Often referred to as a 'Thrash Metal' band, and their music does contain elements of thrash, but the band has always viewed it's music as a hybrid of thrash, traditional metal and the NWOBHM.

The band recorded their debut album, "Why Play Around?" on PROFILE records in 1987. Due to personnel changes within their labels management, the album was not released until 1988, and never got the promotion it deserved. We hope to change this now with this amazing reissue CD.

Renowned artist Ioannis has supplied us with the original artwork for the WARGASM - Why Play Around? cover. Ioannis has created covers for the various rock acts he has worked for in the last 25 years including URIAH HEEP, QUIET RIOT, FATES WARNING and many more. 

The CD is designed after the original 1988 Profile release, featuring original cover artwork, taking elements from the original layout with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia. Also included are tons of unpublished classic band photos, flyers and brand new liner notes from original founding member Bob Mayo. 

Additionally, a fold out 4 panel lyric insert / album cover mini poster as well as a Japanese-style OBI-Strip will be included. CD limited to 1000 copies worldwide!


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